5 Misconceptions About Green Energy

by Dave The Handyman on January 24, 2013

In 2013, we’re living in quite a juxtaposed world.

On one hand, we can’t live without our smart phones, gas-guzzling cars, and wealth of technological devices. On the other, we’re looking for ways to cut our carbon footprint and ‘go green’. These two conflicting worlds have led to a number of misconceptions about renewable sources of energy.

Are they really as environmentally friendly as they claim? Or are they just over-priced, and ineffective?

Here, we tackle five of these myths and misconceptions about green energy head on:

1. Solar and wind power isn’t powerful enough

The first misconception about renewable energy sources is that they’re simply not powerful enough for our day-to-day needs.

After relying on powerful fossil fuels for decades, many of us believe that its green counterparts can’t compete. The truth is, solar, wind and other renewable energy sources are just as capable of heating and lighting our homes as coal.

Not only that, our climate is always unpredictable. Many people are of the mindset that if the sun isn’t shining or the wind not blowing, they will be without power. This is, as you may have guessed, another of those common misconceptions about green energy.

2. Green energy is too expensive to get any ROI

We all know that getting solar panels fitted to our roofs aren’t cheap. However, that doesn’t mean they’re too costly to get any kind of ROI.

While you will have to pay the initial set up costs, you will recover these in time as well as cutting the costs of your bills. It is this misconception that puts many people off investing in renewable energy sources for the home.

It’s true that some types of energy may not be powerful enough right now, the potential there really is huge.

3. Wind turbines are ruining the landscape

Wind farms are, by anyone’s standards, pretty ugly. In fact, they certainly stand out on the landscape for all the wrong reasons. However, the myth that they are ruining our green fields is far from the truth.

More often than not, wind turbines and wind farms are located miles out at sea. This is because we can harness maximum power in this location. By locating them in areas such as this, they are not ruining farmland and greenery; or creating an eyesore on the skyline.

4. Electric cars are ugly and slow

The infamous G Whiz electric car is hardly the most attractive vehicle on the road. But the misconception that all ‘green’ cars are ugly is far from true.

Manufacturers are working hard on developing electric cars to rival their petrol counterparts. With new makes and models being released all the time, we needn’t feel silly driving around in an electric car.

The main problem with this mode of transport is a lack of charging points. Once this is sorted, there really is no reason why you shouldn’t think electric – especially with fuel prices rising all the time.

5. Renewable’s can never replace fossil fuels

The main misconception about green energy is that it can never replace the fossil fuels we are so used to using.

Sure, the use of fossil fuels is completely ingrained in everything we do. And while it would be naive to think we can make the switch overnight, there is no reason why we can’t being integrating renewable energy sources into modern life.

One way or another, we will run out of fossil fuels. We need something we can rely on, and green energy is the obvious answer. These misconceptions about renewable energy sources are holding many people back from making the switch.

But the truth is we can make the most of green energy. Our lust for technology and our desire to save the planet can work hand in hand. But only if we let it.

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Little Improvement Ideas That Will Give Your Bath Some Pizzazz

by Dave The Handyman on November 26, 2012

If you live in an old home, or, perhaps you are currently renting your place, there is a possibility you dislike the look of your bathroom. Maybe its fixtures are worn out, maybe it doesn’t have enough storage space, or maybe its style just doesn’t complement your taste. Whatever the problems are, one thing is for sure: you want to flip its look.

Of course, a renovation is always a great idea. But, if your budget and schedule are tight, this is not the best option for you. Before you lose hope, though, there are other ways you can do to bring the dazzle back to your bath without the need to move walls, plumbing, doors and windows. What follows below are mini bathroom makeover ideas you can try with a tiny investment of time, effort and cash.

Mind your fabrics

There is nothing more gloomy than bleached-out or stained towels, bath mat, window treatments and shower curtain. So for the quickest bathroom makeover, treat your bath to a new set of fabrics. Pick new towels in cheerful tones and hang them on a towel rod. Or, you may simply roll each piece and place the rolled-up towels altogether in a wire basket, wooden bin or glass canister. For the window treatments, bath mat and shower curtain, don’t be afraid to go for bold prints or patterns to add more interest to your bath. Make sure, however, that the colors and prints of the fabrics you pick are coordinated so that your bathroom won’t look cluttered.

Invest in space-saving cabinets

All too often, bathrooms have limited floor space making it impossible to add bulky storage solutions. If your bath has the same issue, your best bet is to tuck tall, skinny cabinets into available corners or wisely use one wall by adding floating shelves or wall-mounted cabinets and use them to stash toiletries. For better use of space and to reduce clutter, use bins to store smaller objects.

Pay attention to your fixtures

Your bathroom’s age will definitely show on the fixtures inside. So if the faucets, shower head and knobs are showing signs of wear and tear or are beginning to succumb to rust and hard water marks, it’s about time you change them up. This is an inexpensive and quick upgrade that will improve both the appearance and functionality of your bathroom. As a bonus, if you opt for new plumbing fixtures, you’ll get to save on your water bills as most plumbing components today are designed for efficiency.

A new lick of paint

Whether you prefer the tranquility of an all-white bath or you would like to use a vibrant color to inject your fun personality, paint is an inexpensive makeover that provides a huge payoff. If you want to create the illusion of vastness, a monochromatic color scheme is the way to go. If you want to add luxurious warmth to your bath, combining warm whites is definitely a good option.

Improve illumination

Good lighting makes a bathroom look better. So if you always feel like you shower in gloom every morning no matter how sunny it is, or you’re frequently surprised to see new wrinkles and dark shadows on your face whenever you look at the mirror, there is a good chance that your bath has terrible lighting.

Fortunately, improving your bath’s lighting isn’t difficult. Simply replace dated fixtures with inexpensive yet efficient finds from your local home improvement store and add new ones in areas where you usually do your bathroom activities. For sure, with the new lights installed, there is no reason for you and your bath to look somber.

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