Wind Turbines For Home Use

by Dave The Handyman on January 18, 2010

All About Home Wind Turbines

Before I get into wind turbines for home use, let’s briefly go over the uses of wind from the history that we know, starting with the windmills. Records have them being used for many uses such as grinding grain, dating all the way back to a couple of hundred years before B.C.

As far as using wind turbines for making electricity, this was not put into work until the year 1888. The records have it that the first wind turbine was built by a man named Charles Brush, who was from Cleveland, Ohio, so bravo to him for making that invention.

By the early 1900′s, wind turbines were beginning to produce electricity from the 5 kilowatt to 25 kilowatt range. Then in the 1930′s they became commonly used on farms in the United States as a means to produce electricity.

Can wind turbines power your entire home?

Now wind power is not going to power you entire home and all of the appliances you have in it in most cases, unless you have multiple turbines spread around the home channeling power into your home, but guess what, it is a lot cheaper than using the energy from your local power grid. Let’s face it, I stay in Florida and I am sure much of the United States is in the same boat when it comes to paying the power company for energy. But if you are using solar panels on your roof in conjunction with wind turbines, there is no reason that you cannot power your entire home, and in some cases make the electricity meter spin backwards, so that the power company will be actually paying you as you will be giving energy to them.

Wind energy can be very efficient in generating power to your home, the best thing about it is once the wind turbine for home use is made and installed, there is almost zero upkeep cost wise to keep it going. You just have to hope that the wind never dies down totally. If you are in a big city wind turbines may not be as efficient compared to if you had a house out in the country, but they will still work. One thing you may have to do is raise the height of the wind turbine so it does not get the weak end of the wind, since cities have many structures that will slow down the energy generated by wind.

The basics of wind power

Remember that science law that energy cannot be created or destroyed, so wind turbines do not actually make energy, they just transform the winds energy so that it can be used as electricity. The initial installation of wind turbines will only continue to get cheaper, as will wind turbines for sale. This is a global effort as we are trying to go more green everywhere. Not that we are trying to take the power companies out of business, but let’s face it as the Earth is steadily running out of means of fuel energy.

We are at a time where we need to transform the energy that impacts us on a daily basis, such as wind and solar energy. Not only that when we use gases and fuel, we release pollutants into the atmosphere that our planet does not like. When we utilize solar and wind energy the amount of pollutants is slim to none. The efficiency of wind turbines for home use will depend on many factors. Some of these factors may include the number of blades, the design of the blades, the height of the tower along with the many other various components that are used in constructing wind turbines for home use.

Tax credits for making your own home electricity

Another reason why you might think of buying some home wind turbines is that you may be eligible to get a tax credit from the government if you live in the United States, and I think this is also true for those that live in Japan and Germany, you will have to double check this though as I am only familiar with the tax laws in the state of Florida.

Just think about how often power companies have failures, when one of the grids go out it effects everyone in the neighborhood. But if you are making your own energy by means of wind turbines or solar panels, then you will have enough power more than likely to last you until the power grid comes back on line. For many farmers solar energy and wind energy are their only means of electricity, so if you ever decide that you want to be pure country and start your own farm because you got a good deal on a bunch of acres of property, you are going to have to look into wind turbines for home use.

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