Top 5 Reasons why Home Insulation is Important

by Dave The Handyman on September 18, 2012

Top 5 Reasons why Home Insulation is Important

Newspapers and other media outlets have recently been bombarded with articles about the overwhelming heat wave that has affected the entire United States. Everything from California wanting its residents to cut back on air conditioning usage, to heat strokes on the East coast, to several states claiming that the drought has severely affected their air quality and recommending its citizens to remain indoors as much as possible. You could probably take one step outside and be able to guess what sorts of subjects are topping headlines in this heat, but concerns like the ones I mentioned particular pertain to me. I’m buying a house, and insulation has hardly ever crossed my mind. The quality of a home’s insulation is definitely something to think about. It’s important to consider whether you need yours improved, or whether that’s not something you want to shell out money to fix when you buy a new home. Here are the reasons insulation is so important:

Go Green!

Staying insulated means the temperatures from outdoors have a lessened opportunity to seep in, so your heater or AC won’t be working overtime. Less heating, cooling, and repairs means a smaller carbon footprint.

Stay Dry

Insulation keeps moisture out, making it less uncomfortable in the home and preventing mold and other damage to the structure of the house. Remember – mold can both cause the need for major repairs to the home, as well as detriments to the health of the occupants.

Efficient Energy

All home and business owners withstand a bit of guilt due to how much they waste on a yearly basis. Having too much air leak to the outdoors is the main reason homes waste so much energy. With a properly insulated home, you’ll waste a significantly smaller amount of resources.

Temperature Control

No matter what extreme weather conditions your location is known for, insulation helps keep outside air where it belongs – outside. Therefore, hot and cold air can’t seep in or out so easily, so it takes longer for the outside air to affect the indoor temperature. This helps cut back on heating and cooling costs, and since your units aren’t working overtime, you’ll be calling the HVAC repair companies less often.


No one wants to be sitting around in a humid home or one that is too hot or too cold. Despite the fact that it will save you money on various bills and help the environment, you will quite simply enjoy the comfort of a properly insulated home.

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Vogel November 1, 2012 at 7:04 pm

All of these are great reasons why one should insulate their home. I live in St. Louis and the winters can get rather blistering at times. I had my windows replaced 4 years ago and noticed a significant decrease in my gas bill.

Great post, thanks for sharing!

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