Small Details Produce Aesthetic Appeal: Choosing Bathroom Faucets

by Dave The Handyman on August 19, 2012

There are many aspects to home design that make it a pleasant and habitable place. Although there are several rooms that make up the entirety of your living space, the bathroom is one that is most functional and often times neglected. The bath area is an important part of any home because it is a place that is frequently visited from morning till night. It is also where you come to cleanse and groom yourself, so it must be well-lit and designed in a manner which will provide you the best environment and appeal to you aesthetically. Although there are many aspects of bathroom design that make it a functional space, the accenting details are what make it a gratifying experience.

The obvious parts of the bathroom that are always going to be a part of that space is the sink, toilet, shower or bathtub and perhaps even a vanity area. These are what make this place highly functional and often used. It may even be the first place you visit in the morning or the last before you go to bed, so it is crucial that you have a good set up. Lighting can help you accomplish such a task. With the right kind of fixtures accenting and highlighting different areas of the bathroom, you can produce a mood appealing ambiance. Accessories such as wall sconces are an extra addition to a bathroom lighting scheme, but it gives the environment a welcoming glow. A lot of times the bathroom is cold and stark, which lacks the warmth that is necessary to make it a pleasant space. The wall sconce is also good at eliminating awkward shadows that can result from an overhead light. It varies in size, but you can purchase a small or big one depending on the size of your bathroom.

Other such details that are important, but don’t seem to be is the bath accessories and other such accoutrements. This can include things like the bathroom faucet. With the accessories, it adds a bit of accenting detail that highlights the overall theme of the bathroom. If you are designing the area according to a specific style, then it is best to stick to that throughout your bathroom. With any bath accessory, you will find that it comes in a variety of designs and styles. Same goes for faucets, they come in traditional, contemporary, modern, Victorian and rustic. The finish and material are also something to consider before purchasing. There are also different shapes that will fit according to the design of the sink. Whether you want a curved or straight neck faucet is reliant upon the whole design scheme and the shape of the sink.

Whatever your theme may be, there will definitely be a something that will match what you want and need. There really is no limit to the kind of bath experience you want to create, but always keep in mind that clutter and mismatched items will only produce chaos.

The bathroom is space that needs a lot of attention because of its highly functioning atmosphere. 


If you are in the process of remodeling a bathroom, updating the lighting fixtures is a cost-effective way of improving appearance. Don’t forget the to match your new faucet with the proper lighting fixtures.’s ceiling section offers a large selection of ceiling lights to choose from. In addition, you can find vanity lights from a variety of quality brands here.


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