Range Hood Installation

by Dave The Handyman on October 21, 2009

Here I will be explaining and showing you how to install a ductless range hood, as there are two types of range hoods. The reason I am going over the ductless type is because it is the only kind that I have messed with – and they are much easier to work with. If you have a range hood that uses a duct, you can use these instructions also for the range hood installation, all you will have to do is hook up the duck work.

Ductless range hood installation is very easy to do and it can be done by someone who is not that handyman like – as long as you take some safety precautions, like SECURE THE POWER SOURCE BEFORE REMOVING OR INSTALLING THE RANGE HOOD!!!!

The tools that you will need are a 6 in 1 screwdriver, a drill with screws (screws will usually be included with the new range hood), wire nuts (also included with new range hoods), and a little bit of common sense. Now before we move on with the range hood installation I am assuming that you have removed the old range hood.

If you have cabinets that are on each side of the range hood make sure that you take a proper measurement before purchasing a new rangehood, once you have what you need then we shall begin. On most models there is a hole in the back, or the top, that you will need to puncture to run the wires through, depending on how your electrical is set up at your home.

After you do that just simply run the wires through the hole that you just made – now if you can, you can hook up the electric part with the wire nuts. You should have 2-3 wires, a white one, a black one, and a ground. Hook the black to black with the wire nuts, the white to the white and the ground to some type of metal, like a screw (some range hoods come with a green ground screw.

Next step is to mount the range hood, where you will mount it will depend on how your kitchen is set up. (Mounting a range hood is easier to do if you have some help – one person holds it while the other drills the screws in) As you can see in this picture, I have mounted the range hood to the top of the cabinets above with the screws provided – if you do this just make sure that the screws are so long that they will poke out through the cabinets.

Once you have the range hood electric hooked up and have it mounted, install the wire cover to cover up the wires. This is usually done by a screw or two that is provided with the new range hood.

One thing that is nice to have on your range hood would be range queens – which can save you from burning down your kitchen. If there is excessive heat (like fire) then the range queens will go off and extinguish the fire – range queens are optional, but if I were you I would get some.

That’s all there is to it when it comes to range hood installation. As always if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask – as I probably have the solution that you are looking for.

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