Preparing for Winter Weather After Sandy

by Dave The Handyman on November 15, 2012

Staying warm and cozy is always on our minds during the winter months, especially when the weather becomes frightful. But with recent events in mind, it is especially important to ensure that your house is prepared for the grueling winter months.

                Sandy quickly reminded many of us that winter is coming and that a significant change from a brisk autumn to an unsympathetic winter could well be on the way. Taking care of some simple tasks now can not only make the winter season more comfortable, it can save money in the long run as well. Doing chores is always a pain, but would you rather do it now while it is still somewhat nice out or wait until is has to be done in negative degree wind chill?

                One simple task is draining rain barrels. If they are not drained they could freeze and split, leaving you without rain barrels (and another expense). If you have a home garden or a lawn to water, use the water from the barrels. This can save your money on utilities. Another task to do as soon as possible is to clean out the rain gutters. Is it a hassle? Yes. Would you rather not and have ice buildup on your roof? Probably not. This can also decrease the risk of mold in your home, and give you an opportunity to assess whether the trees need to be trimmed.

                Trimming trees before winter hits is always a smart idea. If there are any limbs that could break off and potentially knock out power to the house or hit a car they should be removed. Taking care of this is much easier when its warmer our and not in the frigid cold.  After the outside of the home is taken care of, it is time to head inside and check on some other issues that may occur.

                Checking things like the furnace filter or the pipes are easy jobs that can save you money and keep you comfortable when it gets cold. This can also make them run more efficiently, which gives you additional savings. There is another way to save money and stay warm this winter, insulation.

                Adding insulation to your home is an easy task and it makes it feel warmer. By insulating an attic, as well as other areas of the house, less heat is required from the furnace (less money) and insulating your attic adds value to your home! It is a simple job and the benefits are enormous.

                Thinking of preparing your home for winter can make anyone groan. But the benefits are amazing and many of them need to be done. It will be much more pleasant doing them now than say in a foot of snow. 

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