Lawn Mower Safety

by Dave The Handyman on February 14, 2010

If you own a home and have grass that’s growing , then that also means that you have a lawn that needs mowing. Unless you are hiring someone to cut the lawn for you, you are going to need to find a lawnmower for sale, if you do not have one already. Lawn mowers are nearly an essential home improvement tool that you need to have in your shed or your garage. But when it comes to cutting the grass with a lawnmower, whether it be one that you ride on or a push lawn mower, there are many safety tips that you must take into consideration.

In the United States alone, some years there have been as many as 60K hospital patients that were there due to lawn mower injuries. That tells you no matter how safe you think the manufacturer made the lawn mower, there is always room for mishaps and error if you are not paying attention. Anytime you are using a power tool, no matter what it is, you must respect the power of that tool, the tool is made to make human tasks easier than manually doing it, this involves a little bit of risk though and you can get seriously injured or worse if you do not follow the manufacturer instructions on how to operate the lawn mower.

The most vulnerable group of people that are the most vulnerable when it comes to lawn mower injuries are kids that are at the age of 15 or younger. This is why I am going to cover some lawn mower safety tips that should always be followed in order to prevent injury from occurring.

Do not smoke when you are filling your lawn mower up with gas. As a matter of fact you should never be smoking anywhere near a tank of gasoline in the first place. Make sure that you are storing the gas for your lawn mower in a safe cool spot. One that the children are not going to be able to get to, and make sure that it is stored away from any type of ignition sources. For instance if you have a gas powered water heater you do not want to store it anywhere near the pilot valve, just keep it away from the water heater altogether.

You should never attempt to fill up the lawn mower or remove the gas cap when the lawn mower is in operation. Also when you are filling your lawn mower up with gasoline make sure that you do not over fill it, causing a spill everywhere. If you do by accident make sure you wipe it up good before attempting to start the lawn mower.

Before you start to mow your lawn make sure that you pick up any big sticks or rocks. Not only can this damage your lawnmower blades, it can also send projectiles into the air which could possibly cause injury.

Go over the instruction manual that came with the lawn mower and make sure that you do not bypass anything that you may read in the manual. Failure to do so could cause injury or worse. If you are on a riding lawn mower be very aware of your surrounding landscape. If you are going up hills or slopes there is always a chance that the lawnmower could tip over.

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