How To Silence A Squeaky Door

by Dave The Handyman on September 20, 2012


Squeaky doors are going to be a problem at some time or another in any house. That annoying sound every time you open a door or shut a cupboard is bound to make you want to tear your hair out after a while. But there is no need to stress out as these things always have a solution. So you might not be a trained carpenter but you’ll find that the work involved is not exactly challenging. Let’s have a look at what you’ll need in order to tackle the problem. Well firstly the squeak has to be located. This is not as obvious as it seems as some noises appear to come from a certain spot when the source is actually coming from elsewhere.


Once you are sure where the squeak is coming from, apply an aerosol spray such as WD40 directly onto the hinge, making sure you cover all over the surface sufficiently. After each spray, open and close the door repeatedly until no more squeaks are evident.

If this doesn’t seem to do the trick, then what you will have to do is remove the hinge and take out the hinge pin. This is not too difficult but be careful not to get a splinter in your fingers from the wood. All you need for this procedure is a screwdriver and a pair of pliers.  It is also a good idea to have a hammer close by. Use the screwdriver to undo the screws fixing the hinge to the door and use the pliers to take out the hinge pin. When you have taken out the pin, use some wire wool to scrape off dirt or paint which may have been interfering with the movement. This will also clear rust and other imperfections on the pin.


If you can see that that the pin is bent, you will need to lay if flat on a hard surface and use a hammer to knock it straight. Make sure the surface is firm, such as a concrete floor before you do this.

As an additional step, take a bar of soap and thoroughly rub the pin. From here you will then need to oil the whole mechanism and test that it doesn’t squeak by closing and opening the hinge. You are now ready to reattach the hinge and pin back to the door.

Once you have put everything back together, wipe down any excess lubricant spills and your door should be as good as new.

Thanks to distinctive doors for the handy guide. If your door doesn’t recover from the operating table, or you think it’s time for an upgrade – check out their extensive collection of Distinctive Hardwood Doors. Any tips you’ve used to reduce the squeakings

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