How To Install a Mailbox

by Dave The Handyman on November 22, 2009

Installing a mailbox is not as hard as one may think. You will need the proper tools though to make the job easier, without having the proper tools this can be a pain in the ass. Now when it comes to mail box installation, the only part that is semi-difficult is installing the post, and that is what I am be going to cover here. If you can install the post I am sure that you can figure out how to mount the mail box itself to the post, all you need are some screws, nuts and bolts to do so, which should come with the mailbox itself.

These are the tools that I recommend you use to install the mail box post. You will need a post digger, a hammer, and you will need some concrete. First pick out a spot in your lawn to where you are going to put the post, and then grab your post digger.

A post digger is a tool that is designed to dig cylinder shaped holes in the ground. It’s like a bit pair of scissors but instead of blades it had two shovel shaped heads, making it easy to dig a nice hole for a post. You will want to dig the hole about 2 feet deep. After you dig the hole insert the post into the hole. Then you will want to hammer down on the post until it is standing sturdy.

Next you will want to mix some concrete together in a bucket, and then pour it into the hole where you can around the post. I would pour the concrete about a foot and a half the way up and leave about 6 inches or so…this way you can cover it back up with dirt, sod, or whatever you choose. Let the concrete sit overnight and then cover it up with what you like.

Attach the mail box to the post. This can be done with a drill and some screws, or nuts and bolts, there are many types of mailboxes that are out there so it will depend on what type you are trying to mount to the post.

That’s all there is to it, installing a mailbox is incredibly easy when you have the right tools, all the information that you need to install a mail box is here, if you have any questions or concerns feel free to drop a comment below.

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