Home Improvements That Add Value

by Dave The Handyman on December 18, 2010

Is there really such a thing as home improvements that add value? The answer to that question could be both yes and no. It really depends on many factors. The location of your home, the neighborhood, and of course the status that the housing market is at, which in the USA, is not the best time to be investing money into home to try and increase the value. If you are trying to spend 10,000 bucks to increase the value of your home, that does not necessarily mean you are going to increase the value of your home by 10,000, but maybe 8-9 grand instead.

There are some instances where you will make out and add value to your home, increasing the value of your home. Most likely though you are going to have to do a little DIY just so you can save money on the labor, that is how I believe you can achieve home improvements that add value to your home.

There are many home improvements that are out there that are for the homeowner only. For instance if you want to add a Koi Pond or a swimming pool, you are not going to cover the costs of the home improvements if you want to resell in the future, but it is a good home improvement on a personal level.

If you are conducting home improvements to sell your home, then you may want to start with the kitchen. To many buyers the kitchen is like the foundation of the home. If they do not like the kitchen they are more than likely going to pass on the house. You may not be making any profit out of putting those brand new wooden cabinets in along with the shiny faucets and brand new marble countertops, but you may be able to sell the house because you put all of that work into the kitchen remodeling.

Another good home improvement to add value would be to put a deck in. This will add to the overall space that the home appears to have. More space means more money, and also triggers the buyers interest a bit more. But it still depends on where the home is located, putting in a new deck might work for the majority of homes, but on a block that has no decks, it may not fit in very well.

Going green is a great way to add value to your house. Putting in an energy efficient furnace and air conditioning system is great if you plan on living in the home for the next 10 years. But if you are trying to sell the home, it really isn’t necessary as you will lose money on it. As long as the air conditioning and heating is working decently, I would not worry about putting in a new system, if you are trying to sell your home that is.

If you truly want to get into some home improvements that add value, then you should sit down and talk to your real estate agent. As I had said before it all amounts to what neighborhood you are in and how the housing market is doing at the current time. No one knows this information better than your real estate agent, they should be able to help you with some home improvement ideas that add value to your home.

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