Forget About Moving Home And Add Extra Space With These 4 Amazing Options

by Dave The Handyman on September 16, 2012

How many times have you thought about moving house? It must be pretty depressing to think about it every time you get home from work. Nobody likes to live somewhere that’s not big enough for their needs. But is buying a new home really the best thing you can do at the moment? It’s a bit of a risk considering the housing market. Especially if you aren’t quite sure if you can afford it. What is you lose all your money?

Maybe there’s another way. You could make your home a lot larger than it is just now for much cheaper than the price of moving. You might not even need to take out a new mortgage. Perhaps just a nice little loan from the bank, or maybe you wouldn’t even need one. There’s a few options you have available to you. You could even use more than one of them. Then you will have a house that fits your needs and get to stay right where you are. If you’d rather not move then we can go over those options right now.

A house extension

Let’s get the biggest one out of the way first, because this is the one that’s going to set you back the most money. You will obviously need to apply for planning permission, but what you decide to apply for can be entirely up to you. Once you get the go ahead you can add a nice extension to the side of the house. This is going to be great for practically anything you want, whether it’s a nice bedroom, a kitchen extension, or a big indoor swimming pool. Obviously there is no exact cost because it will depend on the size, but it’s something to look into.

A garage extension

If you have a garage on the side of your house you should turn it into something else. That’s if you really want a bigger house. The cost will be much less than you’d pay for an extension as you would only need to make changes to the interior. What changes you make will depend on the type of room you want to have. An extra living room would cost more than somewhere to keep your big kitchen appliances. Unless you are in possession of a fancy car there’s no reason why you couldn’t keep your current one on the street.

A conservatory

Like an extension, but much cheaper. Normally this would go on the side of your main living area, which would add a lot of extra floor space. If you decided to go with one made entirely of glass it would also let a lot more light and heat into the home. This isn’t a good idea if you live somewhere freezing cold because it’s not somewhere you would want to sit every night, unless of course you had ample heating. You can still choose one with a normal roof that would be great for increasing house size. And you wouldn’t find a pile of broken glass when a stray football comes over your garden fence and smashes through the roof.

An attic extension

Like the garage extension, converting your attic won’t be as expensive as the other options. You will be limited by the amount of things you can do with it. Unless you are on some sort of fitness mission it’s maybe not the best place to keep the kitchen appliances. A bedroom is always a good choice. Especially for a little kid. It makes them feel special when they are on top of the house. After you get the walls done and some proper flooring laid you will have a much better idea of what you can create with the space. And like I said, there’s nothing stopping you from using as many of these options as you want.


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