Eco Friendly Houses – What Are They?

by Dave The Handyman on January 18, 2010

So what exactly are environmentally friendly homes, also known and referred to as “green” homes. Green homes are homes that are designed to be friendly to our environment, and there are actually tons of things that you can do to make your home more green. With the threat of global warming more and more eco friendly houses are being built these days, especially in the United States, Germany and Japan. In fact all of these countries are currently rewarding those home owners with a tax credit for building green homes, so not only will you be helping out the planet by keeping the environment in mind when building a home, you will be getting some money back also.

How do I build an Ecofriendly home?

So if you are wanting to build an Eco-friendly home the first thing that you will need to do is get the right materials to do so, starting from the ground up. Building with renewable resources  such as log wood will help ensure that you home is built green from the ground up. When it comes to concrete you can choose to use lightweight concrete. Once you have the frame of the home built you will have to decide on how you are going to insulate it. One thing that I would not recommend, if you want your home to be green that is, is using fiberglass as home insulation. It is the cheapest way to insulate your home but it is also not very good for you health. It can attract mold easily and will leave you with the 7 year itch if it gets on your skin. Not only that, it is just bad stuff, not very Eco-friendly.

What kind of insulation is Earth friendly?

Instead you may want to dry Denim Cotton insulation, which is made from 100% recycled denim, or jeans. The cotton insulation is all organic, so it is not a harm to your health, it does not let off any CFC’s no asbestos, or anything nasty like that. There are also some other good alternatives you can use for insulation to make your home more green such as Sheep Wool for those that are going green and are not in the United States.

I have heard that there are certain types of homes that are actually built from 6 feet under the ground. It is said that this will make the temperature of the home fluctuate less, meaning you will not need to use as much energy to heat or cool your home. I think that the greenest homes that there are, are made from nothing but natural materials such as logs.

Does having energy efficient appliances make your home green?

Making sure that you have energy efficient appliances is also a key to making an Environmentally friendly home. The less energy you use the less we are depleting are natural resources and fuels that make energy. You will be able to tell if you have an energy efficient appliance by seeing if it is an Energy Star rating on it.

If you want to go all out green and really help the environment, and at the same time want to save some money on your power bill then you can make your own electricity. You can do this by installing solar panels on the roof of your home. Solar panels are great for heating the water in your home, or just story the energy from the suns solar rays for later use. Solar panel cells are getting cheaper, smaller and more efficient every single year. In the next decade I really expect these to take off and put the power companies out of business, well not in the next decade but maybe in the next 100 years.

Making your own electricity to make your home green

Another way that you can make your own electricity is the way that the farmers do it, by means of wind power. There are several types of wind mills and wind turbines that require nothing but some wind to get a charge. Wind turbines can be built from the ground up, and are really not that difficult to build if you have the right plans to do so.

The neat thing is that Eco friendly houses are about the same price as a home that is built and does not have the environment in mind. So that is something to think about if you are getting a new home built soon, go green, and join the group of environmentally friendly homes to help keep our Earth green.

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