Copper Bathroom Sinks For Remodeling

by Dave The Handyman on February 20, 2010

Let’s get back to some home improvements that we can do to the bathroom to add some life to it, one option that you may want to consider would be to buy a copper sink. Now before you go looking for copper sinks for sale you should know that compared to other types of bathroom sinks they are quite expensive, as copper is not the cheapest of metals out there. On the other hand there are many advantages that come along with the purchase of copper sinks.

Copper Sinks Are Easier To Keep Clean

They are built for durability, and they will keep the same look for many years with very little maintenance required. In time the copper will start to change color but this can be treated pretty easily. As for sanitary purposes copper is the best choice that is out there as bacteria will not survive that long on copper, maybe only a couple of hours as compared to stainless steel sinks, in which bacteria can survive up to a couple of days or more. This also comes in handy when it is time to clean the sink, which all you really need to do so is some hot soapy water.

Copper Sinks Look Good

Most of the copper sinks for sale that are out there are made by hand, another reason that they are so expensive, besides the fact that you are buying a big piece of copper. As you start shopping around and looking at them you will see that many of them have designs that are imprinted in the sink, that can add a very nice elegant touch to the bathroom.  When you are shopping for copper sinks you want to make sure that the sink you are getting is mostly copper, you will be able to determine this by asking or you will notice a huge difference in price. All in all adding a copper sink to your bathroom will give it a wonderful look, but be prepared to spend some cash, it is really hard to find a copper sink that is less than a $100, if you do then it is probably not made out of copper entirely.

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